WP HTML Email Templates

Customer should give us an idea of what they want the email to look like. We cannot guarantee an exact match, but will get as close as possible.

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Slowness expected, ok to use if performance is not a concern.


All in one email designer for your contact forms

  • Responsive & Device independent:
    Our e-mail template has been tested in all major desktop, web and mobile mailclients.
  • Template library:
    Start your email design with one of our templates created by professional designer
  • Text or image header:
    Either style your email header with colors and text, use your logo or design a banner.
  • Customize colors and fonts:
    Different plugins send different emails but you can define global color and font settings for headlines, text, links and more to give all your emails a common professional look.
  • Add your companies legal information to the footer:
    The email footer can contain links to your legal pages, your contact data or whatever you want.
  • Inline CSS:
    Webclients do not override your styles, because we move all style definitions to inline styles.
  • Email test mode:
    Redirect all emails to your own email address for testing or for your staging system.
  • Live Preview:
    See all your changes immediately in the live preview.

If you would like to customize WooCommerce emails, you will need to purchase the plugin extension for that. It can be found here: https://codemiq.com/en/plugins/wp-html-mail-woocommerce/

If you have purchased the WooCommerce extension, you will need to provide us with the zip file and license keys.

We will only use the built in WooCommerce features that the extension provides.


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Supported Feature requests require a PDF Worksheet be generated using the Functionality Form, and the PDF Worksheet must be added to the project.

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Premium>Forms>Email Customization>Submission Customization>WordPress Email Template Designer – WP HTML Mail