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Product Video for WooCommerce

By: Addify
Added: March 2, 2021

Must complete plugin and product worksheet (include file names for the videos in the image section for each product).

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Caution! This feature can cause significant slowness.


WooCommerce Product Video plugin empowers you to add videos to your product pages. You can upload or embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe or Facebook. Add a featured product video or include multiple videos in your product gallery.

You can display featured videos on listing pages and customize video thumbnails. Following are the main features of this Product Video plugin.

Features List of WooCommerce Product Video

  • Attach videos on any product page
  • Add a featured product video
  • Add multiple videos in the product gallery
  • Play videos – In-Popup, From Page or Full Screen
  • Upload or embed videos from YouTube & other popular websites
  • Customize width and height of videos for both shop and product pages
  • Extensive configurations for embedded & self-hosted videos
  • Add thumbnails for videos

*Does not work with Variation Images Gallery for WooCommerce plugin. The main shop/store page only works with the Standard Products module and does not work with TP Product Image Flipper for WooCommerce plugin active. To have videos on product variations the customer will need to purchase the Pro version of Variation Images Gallery for WooCommerce.


Details & Setup

Supported Plan(s):



Supported Feature requests require a PDF Worksheet be generated using the Functionality Form, and the PDF Worksheet must be added to the project.

Functionality Path:

WooCommerce>Products>Product Enhancement>Product Videos

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