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Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce

By: YIKES, Inc.
Added: December 2, 2020

Need to know the name of the tabs and the content that should be in them

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Safe to use, slight impact site performance.


This plugin has been retired from the WDS offerings and replaced by Tab Manager. The customer account will need to be upgraded to Managed WooCommerce to get this functionality.

This plugin extends WooCommerce to allow shop owners to add custom tabs to products. The tabs are displayed on the individual product pages to the right of the default “Description” tab.

Individual product tabs are managed on the WooCommerce Edit Product screen and can be added on a per product basis. You can also create saved tabs and add them to multiple products as needed. Tabs can be easily added, deleted and rearranged.

Tab content areas use the standard WordPress text editor and may contain text, images, HTML or shortcodes.

Details & Setup


Use Case(s): Retail

Supported Plan(s):



Supported Feature requests require a PDF Worksheet be generated using the Functionality Form, and the PDF Worksheet must be added to the project.

Functionality Path:

WooCommerce>Products>Product Enhancement>Product Tab Customization

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