Abandoned Cart Lite

Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce

By: Tyche Softwares
Added: December 2, 2020
Caution! This feature can cause significant slowness.


With the average shopping cart abandonment rate as high as 70%, Abandoned Cart Plugin helps you recover those carts from your WooCommerce shop.

It works in the background, sending email notifications to your guests customers & logged-in customers, reminding them about their abandoned orders.

70% abandonment rate means that out of 100 potential customers, more than 70 of them are leaving without transacting on the store. Email Remarketing has proven to recover on average between 20-25% of abandoned shopping carts.

The Abandoned Cart plugin allows you to recover orders that were just a step away from closing. It enables you to create automatic & well-timed email reminders to be sent to your customers who have added your products to their cart, but did not complete the order. As a result, with this plugin you will start recovering at least 30% or more of your lost sales. Why let this 30% revenue go unclaimed?

Abandoned Cart Lite plugin enables to do the following things:

  1. Allow your customers to recover their abandoned carts in a single click.
  2. Identify the Abandoned Orders information, including the products that were abandoned.
  3. The plugin now captures abandoned guest carts. A guest user’s cart will be captured on the Checkout page, if it is abandoned after entering the email address.
  4. Track abandoned orders value v/s recovered orders value.
  5. Admin is notified by email when an order is recovered.
  6. Works off-the-shelf as it comes with 1 default email template.
  7. Create unlimited email templates to be sent at intervals that you set – Intervals start from 1 hour after cart is abandoned.
  8. Add custom variables like Customer First Name, Customer Last name, Customer full name, Cart Link & Product Cart Information in the email template.
  9. Copy HTML from anywhere & create templates using the powerful Rich Text Editor.
  10. Automatically stops email notifications when a customer makes a purchase or uses the cart recovery link.


Details & Setup


Use Case(s): Retail

Supported Plan(s):



Supported Feature requests require a PDF Worksheet be generated using the Functionality Form, and the PDF Worksheet must be added to the project.

Functionality Path:

WooCommerce>Cart and Checkout>Sales Conversions>Abandoned Cart

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