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Added: December 11, 2020

Need to know search parameters, please complete worksheet.

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Safe to use, slight impact site performance.


Search and filter by custom fields, post meta, taxonomies, tags, categories, authors, post types, post dates, product attributes and more – The Ultimate WordPress Filter Plugin with Ajax!

Use Search & Filter to find posts / custom posts / products by any number of parameters, allowing your users to easily find what they are looking for on your site, whether it be a blog post, a product in an online shop and more.

Note: Search & Filter pro may experience caching issues when running on PHP 8.0. Downgrading to PHP 7.4 should resolves the caching issue.

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Details & Setup


Use Case(s): Filter Pods with Multiple Categories

Supported Plan(s):



Supported Feature requests require a PDF Worksheet be generated using the Functionality Form, and the PDF Worksheet must be added to the project.

Functionality Path:

Premium>End User Enhancement>Search and Filters>Custom Search and Filter

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