Royal Mail

By: WooCommerce
Added: February 2, 2022


Performance: Royal Mail has a rating of 3/5
Recommendation: May cause some slowness, but within reasonable limits.


Royal Mail is a premium shipping method for WooCommerce that lets you calculate shipping costs using Royal Mail rates. The Royal Mail extension can calculate rates worldwide or UK domestic.

As the Royal Mail postal service and courier company does not provide an API, this extension contains prices and services hardcoded. This extension reflects the current 2021 Royal Mail rates.

When to Use Royal Mail

Use WooCommerce Royal Mail if you need to offer Royal Mail shipping rates.

Royal Mail is only available on plans that are on Managed WooCommerce.

Setup Scope & Requirements

Setup Scope:

We will install and activate only. Customer is responible for configuring settings.

Requirements for Setup:

Worksheet must be completed. To use this plugin, your store must use GBP currency and have the United Kingdom as the base country, and your products need to be set up with weights and shipping dimensions.


Royal Mail is part of Managed WooCommerce and is installed and activated from WooCommerce Extensions in the WordPress dashboard.

Dashboard > WooCommerce > Extensions > Royal Mail (Install/Activate)

Not seeing the WooCommerce Extensions?

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Configure according to the provided worksheet. Reference the links below for how to setup the plugin.