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Added: February 2, 2022

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Safe to use. May cause a minor drop in performance.


WooCommerce Product Vendors turns your store into a multi-vendor marketplace. You can assign existing products to Vendors or they can add and edit their own.

Each Vendor has a dedicated page where they list products, which can be displayed alongside yours on normal shop pages. You have total control of the amount of commission paid to each vendor, with the option of manually adding new commissions or editing existing ones.

Along with this main documentation page, there is also the Vendor Guide and the Product Vendors FAQ.

When to Use Product Vendors

Use WooCommerce Product Vendors if you need a way to allow multiple vendors to sell via your site and take a commission on sales.

Product Vendors is only available on plans that are on Managed WooCommerce.

Details & Setup

Support & Requirements

Support Scope:

We will install, activate and configure settings.

Requirements for Setup:

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Product Vendors is part of Managed WooCommerce and is installed and activated from WooCommerce Extensions in the WordPress dashboard.

Dashboard > WooCommerce > Extensions > Product Vendors (Install/Activate)

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Configure according to the provided worksheet. Reference the links below for how to setup the plugin.


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