Preorders for WooCommerce

By: Bright Plugins
Added: February 9, 2021

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Safe to use, minimal to no impact on site performance.


NOTE: This plugin has been retired in favor of the WooCommerce Pre-Orders Plugin.


An efficient system that easily translates to the specific needs of store, our plugin allows you to follow up on pre-sales in a comprehensive way.

The wait for a new product (or the return of a popular one) is a great opportunity to gain new customers or engage older ones. However, too many companies misuse this unique time until customers lose interest. Engaging is critical in the days before a product release, which is why we’ve created a plugin that covers all bases. Give customers a chance to preorder so they’ll get their new item just as it becomes available, letting you monitor each step of the way.
Here’s what you can do with the Bright Plugins WooCommerce preorder Plugin:

  • Manage all preorders through a specialized section on My Account.
  • Set up a “preorder” status for both simple and variable products.
  • Create an expiration date for preorder periods.
  • Filter all orders that include products ordered during the “preorder” phase.
  • Make products available automatically as soon as the preorder period ends.
  • Prevent customers from adding preorder products when they have already-available items on their carts.
  • Edit single product prices during the preorder period: fixed, percentage or markup on the base price.
  • Apply “preorder” status to more than one product through a WordPress Bulk action grouped by tag or category.
  • Enable the preorder option for a variable product, in the case that every variation was previously added to the preorder status.
  • Notify website admins when products’ preorder periods are nearing their ends, emailing them a set amount of days before the date.
  • Notify users when products’ preorder periods are over and they’ve become fully available.


This plugin has been replaced by: Pre-Orders
This plugin will still be supported, but the replacement should be considered priority.


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