NotificationX – Best FOMO, Social Proof, Sales Popup & WooCommerce Notification Bar

By: WPDeveloper
Added: January 26, 2021

Must complete the Functionality Form and attach the PDF to the project.

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Safe to use. May cause a minor drop in performance.
Support Scope:

Supported – Installation, troubleshooting and, technical support IS provided.

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NotificationX helps you to grab the attention of your website visitors and gain their trust instantly by showing real-time sales and engagement notifications. It creates urgency among your visitors in order to purchase your products right now. No one wants to be left out, after all.


  • Super simple interface and easy to set up the notifications alert
  • Supports WooCommerce, Google Analytics (*pro), GiveWP, MailChimp, Zapier (*pro),  and more!
  • Customization option to the display across the site, on specific posts, pages or exclude from the specific location
  • Advanced 9+ integrations to power up your social proof marketing strategies
  • Connect NotificationX with Zapier to build absolutely anything
  • Check the results from Analytics tool (*pro) and see how many times a certain notification popup has been viewed, clicked, or even its Click-through Rate
  • Option to deactivate unnecessary integrations to keep the site lite
  • Review Popup will increase your engagement and credibility.


  1. Sales Notifications: With NotificationX, you can easily design attention-grabbing Sales Notifications to increase your sales rate. If you have WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads installed, you can display the recent purchases activity by other customers to influence the website visitors. [More source in Pro: LearnDash, Envato, Themeforest, CodeCanyon)]
  2. WP Comments: Lets you show the recent comments made by users on your WordPress posts as a notification alert. This is helpful to gain immediate attention from your visitors to check out the specified posts.
  3. WordPress/Woocommerce Reviews: Showcase your Plugin/Theme reviews from & build credibility. [Source: WordPress, Freemius, WooCommerce & also ReviewX]
  4. WordPress Download Count: Display how many people have downloaded your product from recently. [Source: WooCommerce, EDD, Freemius, Envato]
  5. Notification Bar: With “Notification Bar”, you can easily display nice looking special discount offer or important notice on your website. Besides, you can even use a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency among your customers or users to hurry up.
  6. Email Subscriptions (*pro): MailChimp notification lets you showcase the users who have subscribed to your MailChimp list as a popup on your website. [Source: MailChimp, ConvertKit]
  7. CUSTOM NOTIFICATIONS (*pro): You can create advanced and customized notifications just the way you want using these options.

When to Use NotificationX

Use when customer requests to have popup notifications for sales, comments, etc. Can also be used when a customer requests to have a banner or notification that has the ability to be set to display at a certain time or be hidden after a certain time.


*Items marked with pro require upgrading NotificationX to the pro version

Details & Setup

Support & Requirements

Support Scope:

We download, install and enable this extension, Add the proper options as laid out in the worksheet.

Requirements for Setup:

Must complete the Functionality Form and attach the PDF to the project.


  1. Go to the WordPress Dashboard “Add New Plugin” section.
  2. Search For “NotificationX”.
  3. Install, then Activate it.
  4. Follow the Documentation

Functionality Path:

Premium>End User Enhancement>Notifications>Site Notifications

Support Scope:

Supported Plan(s):



Related Features:

Supported Feature requests require a PDF Worksheet be generated using the Functionality Form, and the PDF Worksheet must be added to the project.

Functionality Path:
Premium>End User Enhancement>Notifications>Site Notifications