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The Functionality Form must be completed, and the PDF added to the project.

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Safe to use, minimal impact on site performance.
Support Scope:

Supported – Installation, troubleshooting and, technical support IS provided.

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Dynamic User Directory creates a user directory displaying the pre-existing user meta information you specify. It can show avatars, social icons, mailing address, email address, website, phone, or any other user meta information you wish. 

Features include:

  • Sort by user last name or user display name
  • Specify which user meta fields to display (up to 10)
  • Hide users with specified user roles
  • Include or exclude specific users
  • Optionally hyperlink the user name and avatar to their WP author page
  • Enjoy a fully responsive display for smaller screen sizes
  • Optionally show a search box to quickly locate a user
  • Optionally show pagination to reduce page load times
  • Search by any user meta field with the Meta Fields Search add-on*
  • Create multiple directory instances with the Multiple Directories add-on*
  • Hide the directory until a search is run with the Hide Directory Before Search add-on*
  • Show directory listings in a table format with the Horizontal Layout add-on*
  • Sort by any custom meta field (instead of just last name) with the Custom Sort Field add-on*
  • Exclude users based on a custom meta field such as an “Opt out of Directory” option with the Exclude User Filter add-on*
  • Export full directory or just search results to CSV file with the Export add-on*
  • Show/hide avatars
  • Set avatar style (circle, rounded edges, or standard)
  • Show/hide listing border
  • Set listing border style, color, length, and thickness
  • Control font size of all text displayed
  • Set the display order of each field
  • Control space between alphabet letter links
  • Control space between each directory listing
  • Choose between showing all users or filtering by selected alphabet letter
  • Hyperlink almost any user meta field
  • Choose from a variety of field display formats, including phone number, comma delimited lists, & dates
  • Display social media link icons (choose from two different icon styles)
  • Display address fields as a formatted mailing address
  • Display directory totals

When to Use Dynamic User Directory

Use when a customer requests to a directory/list showing their WordPress users.


  • *Add-ons are not supported and may require an additional cost to purchase
  • Dynamic User Directory only provides a simple user directory and is not meant to provide any sort of member or complex user functionality (ie profiles that could be associated with a social media style site).

Details & Setup

Support & Requirements

Support Scope:

We will install, activate, and configure settings based on the generated PDF worksheet.

Requirements for Setup:

The Functionality Form must be completed, and the PDF added to the project.


Go to: dashboard > plugins > add new > search for “Dynamic User Directory” By Sarah Giles > Install and Activate

Functionality Path:

Premium>End User Enhancement>Users and Memberships>User Directory


Reference the link(s) below for how to setup Dynamic User Directory:


Support Scope:

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Related Features:

Supported Feature requests require a PDF Worksheet be generated using the Functionality Form, and the PDF Worksheet must be added to the project.

Functionality Path:
Premium>End User Enhancement>Users and Memberships>User Directory