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Chaport Live Chat

By: Chaport
Added: December 2, 2020


Performance: Chaport Live Chat has a rating of 1/5
Recommendation: Caution! This feature can cause significant slowness.


Chaport is a free and easy-to-use live chat for your WordPress website. Start talking to customers in real-time and increase your sales!

Chaport is designed as a modern messenger to make your communication with customers as easy and enjoyable as chatting with friends. It also has a powerful free forever plan with an unlimited number of chats.

Functionality Included with Free version:

  • Unlimited chats & websites
  • 30-day chat history
  • Basic widget customization
  • Basic reports
  • Web, desktop & mobile apps
  • Unlimited registered operators
  • 1 Operator seat – one operator can be logged in at a time
  • SSL encryption                 
  • GDPR compliance

This plugin is only for those who don’t already have a live chat service set up and want to get started with one. We offer the installation of the free version of Chaport. There are no functions or customization options in the dashboard, and they must all be done in the chaport app by the site owner.

Setup is simple:

  1. Go to and register your account.
  2. Go to “Settings -> Installation Code” and click on “Copy App ID”.
  3. In the plugin settings of your WordPress website, paste the copied app ID into the App ID field OR send the App ID to the builder.
  4. Click on “Save Settings”.
  5. Open your website and make sure the chat icon is displayed in the lower right corner.



Supported Plan(s):



Functionality Path:

Premium>Forms>Chat and Help Desk>Live Chat>Chaport Live Chat

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