Twitter Timeline & Embeds

Twitter Timeline & Embeds

Added: January 2, 2020


These modules allow you to seamlessly integrate feeds from your accounts on common social media platforms with your site. Customization Available: Timeline feed, embed tweets, tweet / follow / message buttons, tweet collection grid 


Performance: Twitter Timeline & Embeds has a rating of 1/5
Recommendation: Absolutely avoid placing these modules on the homepage, always hide them on mobile.

Use this module to display your live twitter feed on your site. Choose between the light or dark theme and customize the layout with simple available adjustments to make it work best for you. 


Maybe you have pinned an important tweet to your twitter page, and you'd like to highlight it on your site. Use this module to easily embed single tweets on your pages or within your posts. Choose between the light and dark theme options to match your aesthetic. 


Use the Twitter button module to add a "tweet", "tweet to @Username", "follow @Username" or a "tweet #Hashtag" function to your blog posts. Choose from the different styles to best suit your placement of the module around your content. 


If you've organized your tweets into a collection that you'd like to spotlight on your site, use this module to help you do just that. This grid organizes your tweet collection into a selected layout to display them creatively on a page.



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