Added: January 2, 2020


Hotspot provides you with the ability to mark your image with either text, an icon, or an image, allowing you to link or tool-tip specific spots! 

Customization Available: Marker Type: Icon, image, text | Animation: Pulse/rippling effect on hover OR no animation | Action: Tooltip on hover, tooltip on click OR Link | Tooltip Content Section: text, image, shortcode & basic HTML only.


Performance: Hotspot has a rating of 2/5
Recommendation: Avoid using this module on the home page as it can cause a lower performance score, OR hide the module in mobile view.
United states of america map isolated on white

Oregon Sales Reps:
Barry Allen - (555) 555-5555

Nevada Sales Reps:
Bruce Wayne - (555) 555-5555
Selina Kyle - (555) 555-5555

California Sales Reps:
Luke Cage - (555) 555-5555
Oliver Queen - (555) 555-5555

Happy smiling business team in office

Sarah Gilbert
VP Sales

Mark Nelson
Marketing Director

Jake Jacobs
Senior Director

Melissa Nelson
Creative Director


This module has content limits, more than 10 spots should not be added to the hotspot image. In the case that you are looking to add more than 10 spots in a “map” setting and you have a premium WordPress or Woo plan, consider the following plugin instead: Interactive Geo Maps.

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