Display Videos

Display Videos

Added: January 2, 2020


There are a couple different options available to place videos on a site. The “video module” allows a self-hosted video to be chosen with the options for “auto play”, “loop” and to upload a fallback image or poster. Only .mp4 format videos should be uploaded. The “embed” function inherits the styling, and fonts from the site that hosts the video, and therefore cannot be altered unless they allow customization on their end.


Performance: Display Videos has a rating of 1/5
Recommendation: Avoid placing videos on the homepage. If you do, hide the video in mobile view and provide a fallback photo.

You can use a custom thumbnail image instead of using the video's default one.

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Scroll below this row to see the video stick to the bottom right of the screen.

Change your video gallery from a grid to a carousel slider instead | Click action: lightbox


We will need the video you wish to embed or the YouTube or Vimeo link to the video. 

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