Image, text and amounts available for the card need to be specified, as well as if the card is physical or virtual.

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Safe to use. May cause a minor drop in performance.


By offering your users the possibility to purchase a gift card to spend on your shop, you will be able to gain new customers (the person receiving the gift card will know about your products, will place an order and will be encouraged to buy again so you can loyalize him/her) and considerably increase your earnings.

The new version of our YITH WooCommerce Gift Card is the free and easy solution to start selling gift cards on your e-commerce. We have updated the plugin to make it even more effective, innovative and easier to use.

How does it work?

You only have to install the plugin, create your first gift card and publish it: a few-minutes process that will let you start offering gift cards immediately to your customers.

The user’s interface is very easy and based on Amazon’s one: your customers can choose one of the amounts you set, select an image to customize the gift card (our plugin is the only one that lets you upload an unlimited image gallery!), insert the receiver’s details, add a message and, finally, purchase the gift card like any other product on your e-commerce store.

Main Features:

  • A new product type, Gift-card, to configure your own gift cards.
  • Set the amount you want to use for each Gift Card.
  • Dashboard with all gift cards (to check balance, related orders and so on)
  • Create and edit Gift Cards from the Gift Cards dashboard
  • Create and sell Virtual Gift Cards
  • Create unlimited physical or virtual gift cards;
  • Let the customer fill the recipient’s data and send the gift card via email
  • Email the gift card to the recipient once the order has been completed.
  • Create a gallery of images and allow customers to choose one for the gift card layout
  • Customize the Gift Card code pattern

Add the ability to sell digital or physical gift cards to your store. Styling on this product will be very limited. At this time, you can only have one gift card product at a time.

Details & Setup

Use Case(s): Retail


Supported Plan(s):



Related Features:

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Functionality Path:
WooCommerce>Products>Product Type and Options>Gift Cards