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By: Lenderd
Added: December 2, 2020

No API keys are required. We will place shortcode on page and adjust any presets as requested by customer.

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Safe to use, slight impact site performance.


Mortgage Calculators WP is a very easy-to-use wordpress plugin built with the purpose of providing mortgage and other finance professionals with a mortgage calculator that not only delivers accurate home loan estimates, but also the ability for the users to instantly receive a free copy of those estimates via email while also providing the website owner with an email lead everytime a user requests a copy of their estimated values.

You can view a live demo of our mortgage calculators as seen on our loan officer website themes. Simply preview any of the sites provided and scroll down to view the calculator as it would appear on your website.

Note: The Conventional Calculator is free, the customer has the option to pay for the premium version of the plugin which allows access to FHA and/or VA Calculators.

The Currency options included are:

  • United States Dollar
  • United Kingdom Pounds
  • Euro
  • Australia Dollar


Details & Setup


Use Case(s): Loans and Real Estate

Supported Plan(s):



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