Accessibility Lite – A super lightweight WordPress plugin

By: Sitelinx
Added: January 21, 2021

Must complete plugin worksheet.

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Safe to use, minimal to no impact on site performance.


This plugin will help your SEO efforts as well as accessibility compliance, Thanks to it’s lightweight coding and “Fix missing ALT attributes on IMG tags” feature.

Accessibility Lite has been developed by highly skilled programmers who are SEO oriented. This plugin was developed especially for website owners highly aware of website speed preference and the effect it has on their SERP rankings.

Accessibility Lite makes it possible to improve accessibility on your website, but in any case does not guarantee 100% result (at any level: A, AA, AAA). In order for your site to be at 100% accessible to people with disabilities, you should consult an expert.


  • Disable/enable check mark
  • Add/remove effect to items on focus mode
  • Choose the type of effect for focus mode
  • Links underline
  • Fix missing ALT attributes on IMG tags
  • Disable/enable the black screen
  • Choose front end panel side (left/right)
  • Choose front end panel icon
  • Choose front end panel background color
  • Customize icon size, shape and margins from top and side
  • Hide the button to disable flashes
  • Hide the button to to mark heading
  • Hide the button to change background color
  • Hide the screen zoom buttons
  • Hide the font resize buttons
  • Hide the button that change to readable font
  • Hide the contrast buttons
  • Hide the underline button
  • Hide the button to mark links
  • Include additional elements that should be affected with the font size modifier (customize to your needs)
  • Exclude additional elements from the effect of the font size modifier
  • Display a link to your accessibility statement page in front end panel
  • Display a link to your feedback page in front end panel
  • CSS Important (Advanced) – Hardened the effect of some toolbar button with the use of CSS important
  • Available languages: English (US), Hebrew
  • Plugin automatically inherits your website’s default font family and style.


Details & Setup

Supported Plan(s):



Supported Feature requests require a PDF Worksheet be generated using the Functionality Form, and the PDF Worksheet must be added to the project.

Functionality Path:

Premium>End User Enhancement>Accessibility>Font Size Picker, ALT text, Contrast Options

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