Display Products

Product List

Added: December 2, 2020

WooCommerce module for displaying products on a page, modified into a list format. 

Product Grid

Added: December 2, 2020

Default WooCommerce module for displaying products on a page. 

Product Categories

Added: December 2, 2020

Layout options to display product categories as call-outs on a page, in the form of a grid or slider.

Product Video for WooCommerce

Added: March 2, 2021

WooCommerce Product Video plugin empowers you to add videos to your product pages. You can upload or embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe or Facebook. Add a featured product video or include multiple videos in your product gallery.

TP Product Image Flipper for Woocommerce

Added: February 23, 2021

A simple product flipper image for your store. 100% Responsive. This plugin takes the product featured image and the first gallery image and flips between them on mouse over.

Variation Images Gallery for WooCommerce

Added: February 16, 2021

This additional variation images gallery plugin gives your customers an extra feature to showcase your products that gives visitors to multiple view of your products. This will help to increase your sales.

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