WP Login Flow

By: Myles McNamara
Added: June 24, 2021
Safe to use, slight impact site performance.


Please Note: WDS does not recommend using this plugin outside of the redirect options, as most of the other settings are either not used by us or available within our other plugin offerings. 

WP Login Flow is a complete solution to make wp-login.php not suck! Below are all the features organized by what they relate to. This plugin is completely open source, and has NO ADS OR UPSELLS


  • Custom Login/Logout default login redirect URL
  • Custom Login/Logout redirects based on User Role
  • Custom Login/Logout redirects based on specific User


  • Background, Font, Link, and Link Hover Colors (with Color Picker)
  • Custom CSS with Code Editor
  • Customize Logo URL, and Title
  • Upload custom Logo
  • Customize Login Box Font and Background Colors
  • Custom Border Radius for Login Box
  • Enable Responsive Width for Login Box


  • Customize Outgoing WordPress From Name and Email
  • Customize New Account Activation Required Email (WYSIWYG Editor)
  • Customize New Account Email (WYSIWYG Editor – when user sets own password)
  • Customize Lost Password Email Template (WYSIWYG Editor)


  • Customize Account Requires Activation Notice
  • Customize Pending Activation Notice
  • Customize Successful Activation Notice


  • Color scheme matches WordPress admin area color scheme
  • Fully documented and clean code base
  • Login Page Spinning Loader
  • Hide frontend Admin Bar from non-admin Users
  • Activation status icons on user list table
  • Works with any plugins/themes that use native WP user registration/login


By default, when a user registers on a WordPress site, they are sent a password reset email which is used for account “activation”, but that also sends the user a URL that is for resetting a password, and even shows “Reset Password” on the page. This plugin fixes these problems by allow you to customize the activation email sent, adding custom permalink for activations, updating wording to match “activation” instead of reset password, and more … all for a better UX (User Experience). See screenshots or video for examples of this.

WP Login Flow was intended to be completely bloat free, and integrate with the core of WordPress as much as possible. Any themes, plugins, or other code that uses the native WordPress functions and hooks for registration, lost password, etc, should be supported.


Details & Setup

Supported Plan(s):



Supported Feature requests require a PDF Worksheet be generated using the Functionality Form, and the PDF Worksheet must be added to the project.

Functionality Path:

Premium>End User Enhancement>Users and Memberships>Login and Logout Redirection

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