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WooCommerce Customizer

By: SkyVerge
Added: December 2, 2020


Performance: WooCommerce Customizer has a rating of 4/5
Recommendation: Safe to use, slight impact site performance.


The WooCommerce Customizer plugin provides a settings page where you can add your customizations and save them without needing to write any code or modify any templates, which is helpful for quick change testing.

Here’s the list of customizations you can make with WooCommerce Customizer:

  • Add to Cart button text for all product types (within the shop loop and on a single product page, not on category or shop pages)
  • The number of products displayed per page
  • Heading text for the ‘Product Description’ and ‘Additional Information’ tab.
  • Checkout page coupon / login text
  • Checkout page ‘Submit Order’ button text
  • Tax Label text

NOTE: This Plugin does not adjust Booking Products Add to Cart buttons.



Supported Plan(s):



Functionality Path:

WooCommerce>Products>Product Enhancement>Customize buttons, tabs, text, and more

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