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Added: August 19, 2021

Must have a buffer account set up with social media accounts connected.

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Slowness expected, ok to use if performance is not a concern.


NOTE: A Buffer account is required to use this plugin. The customer can set up a free account here: https://buffer.com/. Buffer has paid tiers as well offering more scheduling options.

This plugin is meant as a connection to buffer only and the customer should understand that scheduling and configuration is done in their buffer account, not on the WordPress side.

To post to Instagram or Pinterest, the customer must purchase the pro version of this plugin.

While Buffer handles the social media scheduling, the scheduled posts inside WordPress still run on wp-cron. This is only triggered upon login to the site, so often the scheduled posts do not get posted at the desired time. The web developers are actively looking for a resolution, but please do not promise your customer that scheduling posts within the WordPress account will work flawlessly.

Whenever you schedule, publish or update a Post, Page or Custom Post Type, WordPress to Buffer will auto post your content to your Buffer account (buffer.com), scheduling publication to social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Don’t have a Buffer account? Sign up for free

Looking to auto post to Instagram and Pinterest? Upgrade to WordPress to Buffer Pro


WordPress to Buffer isn’t another WP to Facebook, WP to Twitter or yet another auto posting plugin.

Our plugin adds your content to your Buffer queue, which is a smart schedule designed to drip feed your content to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram social media profiles.

You can use Buffer’s default schedule, or set your own social media automation schedule with days and times that work best for your audience.

With Dynamic Tags, you can build truly unique status updates, pulling in your WordPress Post’s Title, Content, Excerpt and more.

Buffer’s technology ensures you don’t accidentally send the same status twice, and with built in protection to prevent your social media profiles being suspended, you’ll safely grow, sustain and engage web site traffic and social media following.


There’s no need to mess around with App IDs, authorization tokens or complicated technical steps.

Connecting your social media profiles is done in a few clicks through Buffer, taking minutes.

Then just choose which of those profiles to use in the plugin, set your status message and your social media scheduling is set.


In October 2020, we’re proud to have been selected as a Partner by Buffer.

This ensures continued access to Buffer’s API, meaning that WordPress to Buffer will continue to work and continue to improve.


  • Automatically share Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types to social media when scheduling, publishing or updating your WordPress content
  • Define the status text dynamically, pulling in your WordPress Post’s Title, Content, Excerpt and more
  • WordPress to Facebook Page Auto Post
  • WordPress to Facebook Group Auto Post
  • WordPress to Twitter Auto Post
  • WordPress to LinkedIn Page Auto Post
  • WordPress to LinkedIn Profile Auto Post


WordPress to Buffer Pro provides additional functionality:

  • Instagram and Pinterest Support
    Pro supports Direct Posting to Instagram Business Profiles and Pinterest Boards
  • Multiple, Customisable Status Messages
    Each Post Type and Social Network can have multiple, unique status message and settings
  • Conditionally send Status Messages
    Only send status(es) to Buffer based on Post Author(s), Taxonomy Term(s) and/or Custom Field Values
  • More Scheduling Options
    Each status update can be added to the start/end of your Buffer queue, posted immediately or scheduled at a specific time
  • Dynamic Status Tags
    Dynamically build status updates with data from the Post Author and Custom Fields
  • Separate Statuses per Social Network
    Define different statuses for each Post Type and Social Network
  • Per-Post Settings
    Override Settings on Individual Posts: Each Post can have its own Buffer settings
  • Repost Old Posts
    Automatically Revive Old Posts that haven’t been updated in a while, choosing the number of days, weeks or years to re-share content on social media.
  • Bulk Publish Old Posts
    Manually re-share evergreen WordPress content and revive old posts with the Bulk Publish option
  • The Events Calendar and Event Manager Integration
    Schedule Posts to Buffer based on your Event’s Start or End date, and display Event-specific details in your status updates
  • SEO Integration
    Display SEO-specific information in your status updates from All-In-One SEO Pack, Rank Math, SEOPress and Yoast SEO
  • WooCommerce Integration
    Display Product-specific information in your status updates
  • Autoblogging and Frontend Post Submission Integration
    Pro supports autoblogging and frontend post submission Plugins, including User Submitted Posts, WP Property Feed, WPeMatico and WP Job Manager
  • Shortcode Support
    Use shortcodes in status updates
  • Full Image Control
    Choose to display the WordPress Featured Image with your status updates, or define up to 4 custom images for each Post.
  • WP-Cron and WP-CLI Compatible
    Optionally enable WP-Cron to send status updates via Cron, speeding up UI performance and/or choose to use WP-CLI for reposting old posts
  • Support, Documentation and Updates
    Access to one on one email support, plus detailed documentation on how to install and configure the plugin and one click update notifications, right within the WordPress Administration panel.

Upgrade to WordPress to Buffer Pro

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Supported Feature requests require a PDF Worksheet be generated using the Functionality Form, and the PDF Worksheet must be added to the project.

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