Multiple Photo Galleries

Added: December 2, 2020

Layouts suitable for photographers. Add gallery images and have them display in a photo gallery or slideshow module.


Added: December 2, 2020

The info list is an extremely versatile module that can be used for a variety of text organization purposes. Its best used when list items need different images/icons, a specific layout for desktop versus mobile screens, and a link or description attached to each list item. 

The icon number list is a simple module to help list out bullet items in a more interactive and appealing way. A singular icon can be used as the “bullet” for an unordered list OR a number sequence can be applied to an ordered list. If a different icon or image needs to be applied to each list item, use the info list module instead.


Added: December 2, 2020

Countdown modules are interactive ways to display hype and grab attention. Pair the countdown module with a call-to-action for an upcoming event or for a product sale.

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