WooPack for Beaver Builder

WooPack for Beaver Builder

Added: February 1, 2020
Slowness expected, ok to use if performance is not a concern.
Support Scope:

Unsupported –  Installation, troubleshooting and, technical support IS NOT provided.

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NOTE: This plugin has been retired by our team, please use UABB or PowerPack modules for replacement functionality. The plugin will remain in GD cORe for older sites still using the modules, but should not be used moving forward.

WooPack is a suite of Beaver Builder modules installed with cORe, that helps with building WooCommerce websites.

There has been an issue with WooPack’s scripts since the latest update, and it has caused time-out errors and the inability to edit the module’s settings. WooPack is not the only products module available, and until this issue gets resolved, we could replace this with another module and style it to look similar to the WooPack module.

One of the issues discovered by builders during new WooCommerce builds when using the shop layout templates is that the layouts use the WooPack modules that are default set to “custom query”. Since the modules aren’t allowing edits to be made, changing the content source to “main query” isn’t working – which means the layouts aren’t suitable to product archive pages created with beaver themer. If you run across this issue: WooPack modules don’t have to be used – switch them out with other modules as needed.

You can choose any post module as long as:

  • It allows product features and styling
  • It’s content source can be altered to “main query” on archive pages

Two solutions have been outlined here on how to use other modules in place of WooPack.

Details & Setup